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consumer electronics show ces 2016

CES 2016, which is known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is an international electronics and trade show. It attracts industry professionals and major companies from around the world. This show is, therefore, held each year in January in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is, however, not open to the public. CES 2016 is still going strong after just a few days. There is so many amazing products for everyone to play with and to stare in amazement at. It has a large selection of the products that will be chosen from soon of the best products of CES 2016.

1. Daqri Smart Helmet

The Daqri, which made its appearance this week during Intel’s Keynote, is actually being shipped. It has a heads-up display that makes a construction site an augmented playground in reality. This intellitrack system uses a 360-degree navigation camera to analyze environments, which is similar in meaning that on job sites you will pretty much be getting X-ray vision. It takes the form of an M7 chip and RealSense camera from Intel’s contribution. The real star of the entire system is in fact the helmet itself, which shows that the reality has a real-life application not in a game or content distribution, but that it helps to bring a touch of the future to everyday working life.

2. PicoBrew PicoIt

PicoBrew PicoIt is like the Keurig of brewing at home. A lot of purists are very angry about it and it does take the drudgery out of making your own beer at home. However, scientist have been hard at work making smarter machines that allow you to be able to create more exact and precise batches, and it has finally brought its latest product to CES, the Pico. It is a little easier to use, half the size, and is also available for preorder. Many who have tried the PicoBrew-made beer have claimed that it is very delicious.

3. Cerevo TipronLet’s

Let’s face it, we all live in a mobile world now. That is why there is such a big issue with home theater projectors: these projectors stay rooted into the same spot while you are traveling around with your laptop. However, a Tipron can fix this issue, it is a single projector robot that can fire a video from it’s one individual eye ball. It can move around easily, and you are able to actually tell it where to move to by simply using an app. It also automatically returns to its base when it is in need of a recharge. In the back of its head, you are able to jack an HDMI video. It is estimated that it will cost somewhere around $1,000,000,000.00.

4. Kodak Super 8 Camera

At the 2016 CES, what is considered very old can easily be new again. The Super 8, as we are all aware, holds a special spot in our history. There is actually an entire generation of film makers who have used Super 8 cameras. Now with the help of Yves Bahar, Kodak has actually brought it back. It has both digital and analog in fun and weird ways, but it is light and retro. Their goal is to put these cameras back into the hands of kids from all over, and get these kids to start buying film again instead of SD cards.

5. Krush Moveo

The company that was behind the making of Oovoo, says that their new invention of Krush is going to be big, and literally. They had to pull out a very large booth space to show their Moveo, which is a free rotation VR-simulation pod. So, in other words, it sort of floats, above a platform and then rotates while you are inside of it, and wearing a head set. It looks like a mini space ship and is meant to show just what the Krush can do. Krush wants only for humans to reunite with machines once again. Although, there is a handful of apps, it’s the first hardware invention that Krush has ever done. The Moveo is a giant step into something exciting and new.

6. Razer Blade Stealth

Razer is known, of course, for its gaming hardware, however, it’s Blade line of laptops are not made for rounds of Fallout, there are also Windows Ultrabooks. The latest Razer invention in their mobile PC line is the Blade Stealth; it is lighter and thinner than all of the Blade inventions that have come before it. It comes with either a QHD or a 4K display, it is just over half an inch thick, and it weighs about 2.75 pounds. However, if you are requiring a more amount of power for graphics, you should consider adding the Razor Core, which is an external outside bay that allows you to connect a graphics card via the Stealth’s Thunderbolt.

7. Segway Advanced Personal Robot

It is said that it is a one part butler robot and the other a hoverboard. The robot itself can hide away while you ride on it like a you would a hoverboard, and then when needed, it can pop back out and answer your doorbell or carry in groceries for you. You can also attach appendages and then, however, be able to turn this machine into basically into anything you want to. Xiaomi, Segway, and Intel are all trying to make not just one of these robots, but many robots. They are also working with developers from all around the world to make this to able to see in the dark, respond to a voice command, and also make it better and, of course, more adorable.

8. MadRat Games SuperSuit

It is, however, not the most glamorous product that is being shown at CES, in fact it is a bit goofy, but it is extremely fun. This glove and throwback vest combo lets you play capture the flag, laser tag, hide and go seek, and all sorts of other fun games for kids that doesn’t require playing on a screen. This is, however, the whole point of the SuperSuit, because it encourages play for outdoors, using your imagination, and running around. If a child doesn’t have a sibling to play these games with, the SuperSuit can also control robots like Sphero roboballs and remote control cars. This product will not be available for the US until this fall 2016.

9. Audeze Sine

This is a very interesting gadget for individuals who love to use headphones. Audeze is one of the very top names in planar headphones. Planars means to use the parlance of the audiophiles. These Audeze headphones create a clear and excellent sound in any kind of recording. It is also their first on-ear model. Their smart designs and premium leather bring these headphones to around $500.00.

10. Portal Router

This is Portals upcoming new Wi-Fi router, it is claimed to be “the biggest breakthrough in Wi-Fi in 15 year.” Also, it says that this router can utilize 250% more than other routers and use smart and new technology to scan the area for any type of interference. Then it will immediately retune itself to help and restore any data you may have lost.

The year of 2016 is going to bring new and exciting products for people all around the world. It is exciting to know that our technologies are advancing to make things more fun, safer, and easier for us all to enjoy.

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