10 Nicest Cars in Floyd Mayweather’s Car Collection

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Floyd Mayweather is good at punching people, but he is also making a lot of money from doing this. He also sure knows how to spend that money. Currently, his net worth is something in several hundred million dollars and he keeps on making more. He has been spending most of his money on exotic and rare cars. Below are some of the of the cars that Mayweather owns right now in his car collection.

1. Rolls Royce Ghost – $295,850

Mayweather as someone who love style, he decided to go for the Rolls Royce Ghost. The company is known for making the best cars to the customer’s expectations. The limits to the customizations are defined by the amount of money someone is willing to spend. Mayweather has never been afraid to show his love for luxury cars. It has an impressive 6.6L twin turbocharged V12 engine that will crank out 562 horsepower.

2. Lamborghini Murcielago – $354,000

The Lamborghini models are quite common with athletes who want to show off their money. Floyd Mayweather is rich enough to have this Italian Supercar. The Murcielago has a 6.5L V12 engine that puts out 650hp. The car still comes with an AWD system that will keep it firmly on the ground even at high speeds.

3. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG – $221,580

This car model is small, but still packs a lot of power for many cars in its category. Its overall design is what makes it attractive to many people. It is the kind of car that you can stare at the whole day. With that small size, the engine still puts out 563hp and sounds as an American muscle car. All that power comes from a 6.2L V8 engine.

4. Rolls Royce Phantom – $417,825

The Phantom is what you need to show more luxury for your own class. The car is known to be among the best British luxury cars and Mayweather felt that was true too. The car has all the amenities that you need that you might want in a luxury car. With a rated power of 453hp, you can expect that this car is fast and still comfortable.

5. Bentley Mulsanne – $303,700

Bentley motors will never disappoint a client when it comes to offering add-ons to their cars. For those who love something that can turn heads, then the Bentley Mulsanne can do that. Mayweather, who is always looking for attention had to get it. The car comes with an impressive 5.75L twin-turbocharged V8 that cranks out 505hp.

6. McLaren 650S – $265,500

The McLaren Company is known for making cars that can offer impressive speeds on any track. Compared to its predecessor, it has more power and better looks. The one that Mayweather has produces 641 hp thanks to the 3.8L twin-turbocharged V8 motor. You can expect that it is quite impressive or else it would not be in Mayweather’s garage.

7. Lamborghini Aventador-$399,500

The year 2011 was the year for the Aventador model. Almost every athlete had to buy one to show off what their money could get them. Mayweather was not to be the only one in his social class to miss out on the buyout of the Aventador. With a top speed of 350 km/h, expect that most people would love it. The 691hp running the car comes from a 6.5L V12 engine.

8. Ferrari Enzo – $3,000,000

Owning an Enzo is quite prestigious as only 400 of them were made. Many car collectors in the world would really hope to get a good deal on such a car. It seems that Mayweather had the connections to get one of them. You can expect it to fetch over $1 million for being rare. Its perks include a V12 engine that puts out 651hp.

9. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport – $2,250,000

The Bugatti Veyron is quite an impressive car with all the speed and performance any car enthusiast would love. All that performance is because of the large 8.0L 16-cylinder engine. Such an engine generates a monstrous 1000hp that propels it to 408 km/h. The one that Mayweather owns has four turbochargers that make it more insane to drive it.

10. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Well, for this model, only two exist in the world and Mayweather has one. It did cost him quite a lot with a price tag of $4.8 million. The car is made specially from a carbon fiber weave and a diamond finish. The diamonds are what make the car so expensive. It is also not just about the looks, but it also delivers more power. Its twin-turbocharged engine puts out more than 800 ft-lb of torque.

The limits to the customizations are defined by the amount of money one is willing to spend. Floyd Mayweather has never been afraid to show his love for cars.

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